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The Chinese Society for Immunology (CSI) was founded in 1984 named as Chinese Committee for Immunology, and joined in the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS) in the same year. In 1988, after it was affiliated with the China Association for Science and Technology, the CSI was really established. At present it has over 3600 members, among whom 3000 are members of the IUIS. There are six official journals published by the CSI in Chinese, including: Chinese Journal of Immunology, Immunological Journal, Current Immunology, Chinese Journal of Cellular and Molecular Immunology, Chinese Journal of Cancer Biotherapy, and Chinese Journal of Neuroimmunology and Neurology, as well as one Journal in English, i.e., Cellular & Molecular Immunology published by the CSI.

The Society has eleven academic committees in different fields as follows: the Basic Immunology Committee, the Clinical Immunology Committee, the Committee for Tumor Immunology and Bio-therapy, the Reproductive Immunology Committee, the Neuro-immunology Committee, the Veterinary Immunology Committee, the Blood Immunology Committee, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Immunology Committee, the Infective Immunology Committee, the Transplantation Immunology Committee, and the Committee for Terms in Immunology.

Currently, the CSI president is professor Xuetao Cao, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Five vice presidents are professor Beifen Shen, professor Dalong Ma, professor Feili Gong, professor Zhigang Tian and professor Wei He. The Secretary-General is professor Wei He. The CSI has 108 council members, including 32 standing members, of which three are academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences or Chinese Academy of Engineering.

The major work of CSI include: 1) Holding regular conferences and workshops on immunology, organizing symposia and study tour on key academic subjects, and enhancing interdisciplinary communications and collaborations among scientific groups to promote progress in the relative fields; 2) Editing and publishing immunology journals and audio-visual products; 3) Organizing courses of continuing education for society members and scientific personnel; 4) Awarding outstanding work and achievements, academic papers, writings in popular science in the field of immunology; training, discovering and recommending outstanding professionals, rewarding members with excellent achievements in academic activities or prominent contribution to the society; 5) Enhancing association and communication with overseas academic societies, to promote international academic exchange; 6) Gathering immunology professionals to participate in the national policy making and legislation; 7) Providing suggestions for scientific justification and scientific and technological consultation from the government related to immunology; 8) Commissioned by the competent authorities, taking charge of project assessment, review and appraisal of scientific achievements, post qualification, as well as organizing technology exhibition and editing scientific literature and standard; 9) Research and development of medical immunological technologies, providing technology consulting service; 10) Reflecting suggestions and requests, protecting rights of society members and immunologist, and organizing activities to serve society members.

The CSI is progressing rapidly in contributing to the development of immunology in China. It has hosted many national and international conferences since 1996, including ¡°the International Symposium on Immunology¡±, the ¡°Shanghai International Conference on Immunology¡±, ¡°The 3rd Congress of the Federation of Immunology Societies of Asia-Oceania¡±, ¡°Shanghai International Conference of Immunology and the 1st Conference of Chinese Immunologists¡± and so on. Especially, during ¡°the 1st-7th CSI Congress of Immunology¡±, world first-class immunological experts- including Nobel Laureates and academicians from the American National Academy of Sciences- were invited to deliver speeches of the frontier progress and application in immunology.

Immunology, as an interdisciplinary medical field, covers the studies of various disciplines and fields, including molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, pathophysiology and clinical medicine. The CSI sincerely hopes to further promote the development of immunology in China, strengthen international academic exchange and cooperation, and contribute efforts to improving human health.


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